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Wellington Food Festival - Saturday 2 Sepetmber 2017

In 2016 there were three new free ingredients at the festival.

Wellington Champion Baker Challenge
The Wellington Home Baker Challenge, supported by Nexus Insurance, saw some wonderful bakes presented that gave the judges a real challenge. The Young Bakers competition was won by Rebecca Watts, with a pear and almond tart. The adult baker winner was Jade Steel with rich chocolate sponge. The organisers thanked prize sponsors ETI Thermapen.

Apple Bobbing Championship

The Apple Bobbing Championships, hosted by Wellington School and sponsored by Waitrose had participants soaked before the rain came down and the audience in peels of laughter all day.

The leaders on the board changed several times but championship adult bobber - who really was the fastest bob in the west was Ben who took less than 1 second to bob an apple and the most children's persistent bobbers were Hayon and Racheal K who both bobbed 5 apples in 30 seconds. The tag team saw festival organisers teaming up with local MP Rebecca Pow for a spirited, but soaking performance.

Best in show

Visitors to the show also took part in the poll to find the people's favourite stall. The Best in Show competition, sponsored by local firm Porter Dodson LLP saw 1000 votes cast and Passion and Smoke topping the poll as the people's choice and Humble Pies as the sponsor's choice.   


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Wellington Food Festival

Wellington Food Town

Wellington Food Town

Wellington food festival
Wellington Food Town
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